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Business solutions, without endless meetings

Learn to tackle a business problem in a Reset setting. Briefly and concisely, in dialogue, you create results with colleagues within 4 hours that you will apply a day later.

Organisation and culture improvement

An assessment but non of the ones you know, with 2 questions, yes 2, on the topics of personal, team and organizational strength we offer an analysis and movement forward that already has astonished customers

Individual program
Gaining fundamental insights

You will train in a small group in a quiet environment. You leave hindering patterns, insights arise. You will receive follow-up conversations and a personal online page. You will be supervised for a year.

Leadership & Influence program
Become a leader with attraction

Sign-up for the Reset specifically aimed at leadership, 6 leadership core themes  have been added to the classic Reset elements. You will develop your leadership qualities in a unique way and enjoy support for 1 year after the training

Team Reset
Gaining insights, improving collaboration

The team trains in a calm environment. Inhibiting patterns are recognized and abandoned. New insights emerge. A shared plan for the future is drawn up together

Reset Trainer
Reset Trainer training

You train and learn in a small group in a quiet setting. After the training you can give Individual and Team Resets. Literature knowledge of Schamer – Theory U, Berne -TA, Bateson – 7 layers, is desired