‘The Reset House facilitators are king en queen in trully listening, a quality I have not encountered at this level, whenever and wherever!”

Comment from a trainee with a professional communications background after the November 2020 Reset.

‘This was the finest and also the most intensive leadership training I had in my professional live.’

Comment from an experienced manager after the May 2020 Reset.

Over the years we had and now still have a hard working team that supports each other. However, the mutual relationships were not always good. We couldn’t get a grip on what was really going on.
Our management and HR department offered us a Team Reset conducted by The Reset House. We were not fully sure what results to expect. What The Reset House offers is a fantastic collaborative breath of fresh air. As a team we have grown enormously and now we understand much better what is going on in the team, how to organize our work effectively and also how to deal with challenges in the future.

Service Desk team

The Resets
The Resets
your future - reset (i) - 3 to 5 persons

To look truly to your context
To feel truly yourself
To embrace your emerging future

The Resets
team improvement - reset (t)

To have an effective dialogue
To relate to your co-workers
To reestablish your business value

The Resets
resilience for organisations - reset (o)

To inspire new leadership
To embody the value proposition
To effect the business context

The Resets
your story - reset (p) - 1 on 1

Deep listening
Reflecting to the core
Revealing your storyline

The Resets
Relations - reset (r)

Business – colleague to colleague
Private – partner to partner
Re-discover connections

The Resets
the reset for trainers - reset (t)

• You learn to guide your clients in their reset based on Ulab and The Reset House values.
• You create a value proposition for clients and your business.