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We want to support you as much as possible in your story, your career, your development.  You can register as a guest in our (virtual) room and choose from 3 options.


‘Cool Content’

  • Facts about how to better organize your life
  • Podcasts about big changes in people’s lives
  • Meditations

If you’ve followed the Reset

  • Upload your plan
  • Upload of your childhood photo
  • The possibility to call your trainer
Register now for
Cool Content

‘Cool Content & Coaching’

  • And everything you see at Cool Content
  • 5 coaching sessions over a period of 12 months
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Cool Content Coaching

‘The Full Monthy’

  • A personal coach for the period of 12 months
  • Guidance in your soft skills development
  • A tailor-made environment on the site where you can see your progress
  • Follow reset training when you need to
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The Full Monty